We Could Be Dealing With Covid-19 So Mucht Better Than We Are

We Totally Blew It

This headline caught my attention immediately this morning. Axios’ Dan Primack and Daniel Johnston’s piece hit me like a punch in the gut. Entitled We Blew It, the authors discuss how the goal was to build a bridge from the spring to the fall by bending the Covid-19 curve and flattening it so we could reach some semblance of normalcy in the fall.

America spent the spring building a bridge to August, spending trillions and shutting down major parts of society. The expanse was to be a bent coronavirus curve, and the other side some semblance of normal, where kids would go to school and their parents to work.

The bottom line: We blew it, building a pier instead.

Many other countries with qualified and mentally competent leaders have been able to build this bridge and flatten the curve. So it’s not unattainable. Not in the slightest. Look at New Zealand. They hardly have any cases. You know why? Because they got ahead of the virus, mandated mask wearing and social distancing and they are benefiting from it.

When whole regions, like the European Union, ban travel from the US to Europe, it’s quite clear we’re doing something wrong.

The Axios article is scathing. We just blow it with the reopening. We blew it on so many fronts that if we were in college we would have failed this class miserably.

Can we blame this on American Exceptionalism? Sure, absolutely. But blaming and pointing fingers isn’t going to get rid of the fact that we’re not ready for the school year and our kids going back to the classroom. We’re not ready for a second wave when things get colder and people head back indoors, where the virus is much more concentrated and contagious.

We are supposed to be the most powerful and advanced nation in the world, yet countries with less resources are doing a better job with combating Covid-19 then we are.

Is this the end? No. Will we get through this? Most likely, albeit bruised and battered.

But one thing is for sure. We need changes at the top, starting with the President and his team. They have proven that they have no idea what to do. The only thing they’re good at is misleading and lying.

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