The Online Public Commons

Twitter is so much more then just a technology company.

I've been on Twitter since 2007. Back when it was popular to tell people what you were having for lunch and that you were scratching your back. Since then Twitter has grown to be a force to be reckoned with in public discourse.

Sometimes a cesspool, other times extremely helpful, Twitter is often imitated but never beaten.

Recent Woes And Possible Exciting New Features

Just hacked, which I have my own hypothesis brewing about what really went down, Twitter is also reeling from a bad quarter of revenue projections. CEO Jack Dorsey is toying with the idea of some kind of subscription model. What that is, no one really knows.

I'm excited to see a new feature and might even be willing to pay for it, if it serves a purpose and doesn't take away functionality.

Regardless of what people say, Twitter has a place online, whatever it needs to do to stay relevant and profitable needs to be looked at. But with that said, they really do need to button up there security.

What Do You Think?

How many of you are active on Twitter? If they came out with a cool new feature that you couldn't live without, would you pay for it?

Let me know.

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