School Year 2020

It's not as simple as opening up schools and going about it like normal

I get why reopening schools is such a hot topic.

As a father of a 7 year-old, I'm not sure what I want to do.

Full day, hybrid, all online. Who the heck can figure out what’s best for their kids?

My son needs in-person social interaction. All kids do. But we need to figure out how to do this safely.

To be honest, I'm really scared about the school year and the virus. It's not as simple as opening the schools and all will be good. The virus is a very real thing.

Flawed Thinking

President Trump, Education Secretary DeVos, and many Republican lawmakers want schools open. It’s a grand idea that is majorly flawed.

Do I want my kid back at school, having social interaction, and learning from his teacher in-person? Yes, absolutely. But we’re in the middle of a deadly pandemic.

Vaccines are being developed at a record pace, and the situation will get better. But until then we need to make sure we don’t make things exponentially worse by rushing into situations, which can only have bad outcomes.

A Conflicting Narrative

Trump is hoping that wishing away the virus will work. He thinks that if he says that it’s not a big deal that it isn’t. Sorry that’s not how it works.

In an ideal world we wouldn’t be dealing with a pandemic. In an ideal world our leaders would take Covid-19 seriously. Then maybe we could reopen safely. Right now that’s not happening.

Hell, the governor of Georgia is making it illegal for the mayor of Atlanta to mandate mask wearing. WTF! If everyone wears a mask, and I know it sucks, the curve would flatten.

There are so many conflicting narratives and misinformation out there. Finding out the truth is so hard. Clue: It shouldn’t be.

So What Are Parents To Do?

I don’t have the answer. I’m not sure if anyone does for that matter. All I know is that we need to take Covid-19 seriously and not rush decisions that are, literally, about life and death.

What do you think? Should school just reopen fully? Should it all be online? Can there be a happy(ish) medium?

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