Our Country Needs Help

Sending Out The SOS

Our country is in trouble. Federal police are snatching up protesters in rented vans Portland. People are being mislead about the pandemic. Outside forces are trying to have a 2016 repeat. We need help. Send out the SOS!

A Dark Time In Our History

This is a very dark time in our country's history. There have been other times like this, but not with the internet and the quickness it brings to the masses what's going on.

Our country is divided, conservatives and liberals can't seem to see what is happening from each other's eyes. They never really could. But they need to now.

An Aspiring Despot

Trump is not a conservative and he's definitely not a liberal. He's an aspiring despot. He is unstable. He will bring down this country.

Yes I'm Ranting

I know I rant about this quite a bit, but I feel like I can't say enough. People are still blind to what's going on. And yes, Biden is polling higher than Trump. But remember in 2016 we never thought that we'd have a President Trump.

Complacency Will Destroy Us

We need to not be complacent. We need to fight. I need to come together and get this guy out of office.

Trump makes George W. Bush look appealing and that scares me.

We pick on the small things that we see Trump doing in public — how he holds a glass or walks down a ramp. But we have to remember that FDR was in a wheelchair, but was mentally fit.

I'm not saying ignore the physical, but we need to focus on what the man is saying and doing. He is not right in the head. And those who support him need to see this.

Trump Is The Swamp

It's not about draining the swamp. Because Trump hasn't done that. He's betrayed his base. They need to open their eyes.

Trump isn’t a changemaker. He's an aspiring despot.

I had friends who supported Trump in 2016. I don't talk to most of them anymore. I wonder what they think now. Are they still blinded by the red hat? Or have they come to their senses?

Some conservative friends that I am friends with say they can't vote for Biden. The only thing I can say to them is to not vote for everyone for president in November. Or suck up your pride and vote for Biden.

Look, I'm not a huge fan of Biden, but he will be so much better then what we have now.

Four More Years of Trump Will Be Dystopian

Four more years of Trump we will be in a real dystopian future.

Look, as the name of my newsletter alludes to, this is as I see it. Leave a comment, I want to hear from you.

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